Thursday, February 3, 2011

"what's your emergency"

What went down tonight.

Phone rings, baby on hip, rushing to find a phone, I grab one, check caller ID and see that it is a city number.

The caller: "This is Jacksonville Fire and Rescue, what is your emergency?"
Me: "What? What emergency?" (for a moment I'm confused and thinking she is calling to tell me something happened)
The caller: "Ma'am, this is Jacksonville Fire and Rescue. Is there an emergency?"
Me: "Uh, an emergency? No, no, I don't think there is. Why? Is there?" (Still confused, and kinda freaked out)
The caller: "Ma'am, we just received a 911 call from your residence, heard some noise and the line was disconnected. Is everyone okay?"
Me: "What? From my phone number? I don't think anyo------"
**I look up and see Jack coming down the hall with the other phone in his hand**
Me: "I am so sorry, I think my 2-year-old must have dialed. I am really sorry."
The caller: "That's okay, just glad to know you don't need our help. Have a nice night."

Three children in, and he is my FIRST to call 911. At the tender age of 2. So the call from Jacksonville Fire and Rescue- that was a first for me.

Also, on our lists of firsts today.... Jack spilled a brand new full bottle of Tide all over my laundry room floor. I was standing right next to him during the Tide mishap.

Just a little bit before that, while I was emailing with my husband, he mashed up my deodorant, mixed it with water and put it all over his Daddy's nightstand, making a weird white mold that I had to use a scraper to peel off. was your day?????

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