Friday, February 11, 2011

playing headbandz with my kiddos

We have had QUITE the week. 1 case of strep throat, 1 respiratory infection, 2 z-packs, 2 bottles of prednisone, 3 inhalers, 3 kids with fever, 2 nights of vomiting, no water to our house for 2 days, a $400 plumber bill, and all sorts of other fun things have made this week one I am glad to put behind me. With 4 sick kids, I have run out of ways to entertain them. So I took this video during our (I am not exaggerating here) 11th consecutive game of Headbandz. Pardon my funny voice and the coughing fit from Kaiti. Oh, and it is long, but worth it to get to the sparkly part.

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