Friday, March 31, 2017

on swaps and minis and diamonds and squares

Hi friends! After a week or so of no sewing, I finally got my groove back.

And it all started with the mini I created for the #geeseswap.

Here she is, in all her bold-binded glory.

I wasn't sure about that bottom row of geese, but the instagram consensus was to leave it on. So I did.

And then I made a pillow front for my #makersbirthdaybash girl. Not a style I typically make, so I hope my girl likes it. 

I made this pillow front using the Treehouse Chimney Sweep free pillow pattern found here. I looked at my girl's inspiration mosaic and was so tempted to make the exact design she shared in her mosaic, but I have something about surprises.... I am the same way with my kids and gifts. They tell me what they want, and then I give them a couple of those things and then make the rest surprises, things I think they'd like but had not considered. So hopefully I got this right. I am sort of tempted to make another pillow cover just in case....

 And all of that smaller-sized making pushed me to make something big-- a quilt.

I wasn't sure what pattern to make, so I turned to one of my new favorite quilt books, By The Bundle.

There are quite a few patterns I want to make from this book, but there is pattern I want to make 50 times over!! 

I think it is the Liberty that drew me in, but I love the reverse negative space. It gives me the white space I need, while still filling the quilt with color and pattern.

I altered the sizes a bit-- I made the blocks bigger, and did less blocks. I had just received a Quilters Mystery Box from massdrop, and in it was a cute little mermaid/sea-themed bundle! So I whipped this up from 20 fat quarters and VOILA!

If you are curious about the measurements of the blocks I made and you already have the book, just shoot me a message and I would be happy to share. :)

What's even better-- there are still some fat quarters left for me to piece a backing! That is my plan for tomorrow!!

Happy Friday friends!! Linking up here:

Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts


Gemini Jen NZ said...

Great projects - they all look awesome!

Kim said...

Love your mini quilt. It's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Good use of a bundle and a book!
I agree with all about your leaving the bottom row of geese in. It was the second thing that caught my eye (the first being the mix of fabrics).

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Love those colours in your 'diamonds & squares' quilt, very pretty!

shannon said...

@Gemini Jen - thank you! I love smaller projects!

shannon said...

Thank you Kim! It was really fun to make-- I think I want to make a bigger quilt just like this.

shannon said...

Thanks Linda! They came from a bundle, and I am starting to love the way coral brings out the best in just about everything!


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