Thursday, March 16, 2017

mod-ish improv triangles

I started this quilt at the end of January. (good ol' instagram is great for reminding you how long you've left a project sitting in a basket.)

I was wanting to create something that was valentines-ish, without the hearts or super saccharin feel. I actually like some heart shaped blocks, but this time I was wanting to make something sweet, but sort of edgy.

I started it with the intention of piecing triangles improv style, to look like little mountains of varying style, with lots of white space. But I stopped because my iron left a mark on the white after I was pressing and basically, I just was lazy and didn't want to seam rip and replace that piece of white. (you can see where I tried to get the spot out in the photo above.) So lame. I am determined to replace that and add another row of sweet and edgy mountains and finish this up soon. Dare I say by the end of the month? 

Also, how I pieced this together is so ME. I had this idea that after creating the triangles, I would cut a rectangle of white and slash it diagonally to piece it like an HST (half square triangle). I know that same methodology doesn't work with rectangles, so because I am fly by the seat of my pants, I used what I know of HRT (half rectangle triangles) and just made it a little bigger so I could square  -- or rectangle-- it up after I pieced it. There were a couple bad words in my first couple go's, but after those couple, I figured it out. 

There is probably some sort of tutorial that would have helped me, but because I am stubborn and Shannon, I decided to just give it a go. Anyways, now that I've got the method down, I want to make another quilt like this one. haha! I suppose I should finish this first, right? 

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