Saturday, March 18, 2017

my interpretation of Totem

I don't think I shared about this quilt, but out of all the things I ever made, it is one of my absolute favorites.

I finished it back in December, and this quilt might just be the one that got away.

It all started when I saw pictures of quilts made with Carolyn Friedlander's Totem pattern, and I fell in love.

I bought the pattern, and after reading through it, followed her basic design principles in the block building, but ended up using the pattern as a general foundation, rather than following it to the letter. I ended up with not one, but a few columns of totems.

I started building it with some of my most cherished fabrics.

(pardon the picture quality-- I had to screen shot it from instagram because I deleted all of the in progress photos from my phone.)

It was really fun to work on.

 I combined Essex Linen with some hoarded Art Gallery prints and some of my favorite soft pink blenders. Between the gingham, the feel of the linen, the flamingos, and some of the dainty floral, I was smitten.

I listed it in my etsy shop and told myself that if no one needed it in their homes within a week, I would take the listing down and keep it for myself. It sold, though, so no staring at this one. 

I quilted it with what is becoming my favorite way to quilt (my signature style! haha!), using wavy lines interspersed with organic lines, some close together, to really up the crinkle factor. I am all about that crinkle factor. Also, I'd just like to ensure that y'all know, I am on the black-and-white-striped-binding-forever-and-ever team. 

I definitely want to make this pattern again. Or at least, my take on it. It feels raw and modern, but somehow even the edginess can take on a softer feel when paired with certain fabrics. 

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