Friday, March 17, 2017

hello, color!

Typically, the colors I gravitate towards are soft. Even if it is colorful, I think I use enough white space that it sort of tames the brightness. But after doing that long enough I crave something saturated, something bright and busy.

That's where the idea for this quilt top came from. I had just finished several quilts in softer shades and felt like I needed a quilt that would quench my need for something completely infused with vibrant color.

I wanted complete improv. I love the look of combining several different blocks, but don't typically love sampler style quilts. I guess I look at like, if you are going to embrace variation, then let's REALLY embrace it. Meaning, no set block sizes, making whatever, as much as I want, and if I want it bigger, freedom to add sashing or a completely different block.

There is probably a design rule that says when you are going for complete wonkiness and mismatchy improvisation, you should have something that unifies your project or gives the eyes some place to rest. Trust me, I am ALL about giving your eyes a place to rest-- white space is my homeboy. But. Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes we need to break out of these little boxes we carve out for ourselves and do something completely different. In this case, it wasn't like I was really challenging myself to break outta that box-- it was more like I needed to.

I'm rambling. Anyway, I wanted this quilt to just push back against all the parameters that I typically work within. The only thing that really unifies this quilt is the color palette, and even that, I was considering throwing a wrench into this hot pink, sorta azure-sort of cerulean bright blue, with bits of sunshine yellow color palette. We'll see.

This is the probably the 17th quilt I have started making for myself. I have yet to keep a single quilt just for me. I might need to change that with this one.

And speaking of my need for color, I am really going to try to finish this quilt top today! The colors in this!!! 

Give me all those rich spring and summer colors now, please!

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liz said...

Loving what you're doing here, can't wait to see it finished! Just discovered your blog via crazymomquilts and am looking forward to reading more here.

I had no luck getting more than one photo to load when I tried going to the "Quilts I've Made" portion of your site though...

liz said...

oh, I do see the photos now. they just took a long time to load. Lovely!

shannon said...

Hi Liz! Thank you!! I can't wait to finish it, too! haha! I'm not sure what my problem is with finishing lately. Sorry they took a bit to load. I probably weighed that page down with too many pictures!




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