Friday, October 21, 2011

super heroes wear dog tags. capes are so last century.

Meet my husband. Internet world, Jeremiah. Jeremiah, internet world. 


Now, I thought I'd show you. At least, show you part of what he does.

Just in case you're new to these parts, my husband is a US Navy Rescue Swimmer, which falls under the larger category of Naval Aircrewman.

He's done SEAL team insertions, medi-vac type stuff, counter drug ops, anti-piracy operations, and search and rescue missions. If someone needs help, off he goes. 

All of that requires training.

I kinda figured.

When they are not out doing their job, they are training to do their job. The past two weeks have been loaded with all types of training. I asked him to take the camera along to capture some of what he does last Wednesday. My kids got a kick out of seeing these pictures. And since this is basically my family scrapbook, I figured I'd share them here, as well.

--These picture are of HSL-48 Aircrewmen conducting first-aid training--


That amazing guy right there^^ is my husband. Cute, isn't he?!?!! He was playing the victim that day, which is why he is holding a bag of fake blood, and has that weird hand-thing.


Here comes the good guys, ready to save the day! 


That's my husband's ride, also known as an SH-60 Bravo. Just the sight of it has been known to give me chills.


That little white helmet poking out of the window is one of the AW's. I think he is probably looking for a Taco Bell. 


Their chariot.


The first 2 guys are the aircrewman, the 3rd guy with the visor down is one of the pilots, coming out to assess the scene.


Checking out their "victims" figuring out who is worse off. 


Apparently exposed intestines trumps hurt hand. Off to work they go, stabilizing their "patient".


~bow chick a wow wow~

oh wait, was that inappropriate? sorry 'bout that. 

They were just checking for injuries. In case you were wondering.


Here is Mr. Icky-Intestines, also known as AW2 Todd. The guys got him all set, stabilized on a *medevac litter, ready to fly to help.

*my husband told me that's what the red thing is called. I had no idea. in fact, I said "litter? as in kitty?"

Training complete.

Not too shabby for a Wednesday, right?

I think all I did on Wednesday was match socks and sweep up dog hair. Woo.

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