Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jack &co. O' Lantern

Guess where we went tonight? 

I bet you'll NEVER figure it out!

Go on......give it a whirl.

I'll give you a hint. It starts with a "P" and rhymes with Lumpkin Latch.


Still can't figure it out??

Okay....we went to a little Pumpkin Patch. A church down the road does a little patch every year and while I'd love to take my kiddos to big patch in a big field, this is just super convenient. So we let them run and pick out some pumpkins. 


I guess Tyler was not in the 
stop-looking-at-pumpkins-and-take-a-group-picture-with-your-siblings-AND-HUG-YOUR-SISTER-LIKE-YOU-LOVE-HER mood. 


Jack didn't pick up on the frustration. This is so them in a nutshell. The easy-to-please goof ball, the affectionate sweetheart, and the serious, thinking, on-a-mission child.


And while I was snapping pictures of her siblings, this little one was grabbing up all the miniature pumpkins and throwing them at her daddy. I kneeled down and told her that's not what we're to do with little pumpkins. And then she gurgled some sounds, batted her eyes at me, and chucked another pumpkin at my toe, turned and hobbled away, laughing.

In her defense, we had just played catch in the front yard. 

Lesson of the day: Do NOT wear flip flops to the pumpkin patch. 

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