Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Plans, the 2011 Edition

Remember last year, when I wrote up our plans for the summer? I was a little ambitious, considering part of those plans were delivering our precious little girl via c-section (which was my 4th such 'section'). So, live and learn.

My husband will be gone for the bulk of the summer, so I included things that are doable on my own. Last summer's plans included HAVING A BABY!! I was halfway tempted to write MAKE A BABY just to see if y'all were paying attention....instead, I chose MAKE TYE-DYE SHIRTS.  You're welcome.

If you want to join us in any of our adventures, just holler. Really, really, really loud, because the noise in my house makes the Airshow seem hushed. (My kids got their volume from their father. Just sayin. But I wouldn't have it any other way.)

*Update- I looked at this list and was feeling a little blech, like we need more excitement or silliness. I started a thread HERE asking for help with ideas. If you have, leave me a comment or join in the discussion :)

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