Monday, May 16, 2011

.....we gone beachin'

I'm not sure if I told y'all, but my husband is deployed right now. I may have mentioned that once or twice. And here's what- I am really missing him. Also, I think he is cute. Furthermore, I think Jelly Belly's are such an exciting adventure for my taste buds.

Anyway, with a not-present husband, some outings are a bit challenging. There are some things that I avoid like the plague because the idea of just one of me, and 4 little people (one of whom we carry additional insurance for) has me reaching for a paper bag and some motrin.

For example, the post office is rough. I usually have my hands loaded with at least one package, and am either wearing Evie or pushing her in the single stroller. Which means Jack is running wild. And it's hard to reel him in when I'm loaded down with bags of dried mangos and boxes of granola bars for my husband, whilst keeping my spot in the line of super happy people. (Have you ever noticed that people seem really un-friendly at the post office? Or is that just the one I go to?) But with a husband who really enjoys regular care packages, I have to put on my big-girl pants and just go. I usually offer my apologies to everyone upon entering. Okay, really, they are not that bad. (they, meaning 3 of them)

But it's funny the things I do now that I never even considered when I just had 2 little ones. The beach is a big one. The idea of chasing 2 kids in different directions had me waiting 'til the weekends when my husband was home. That's not a great option now, so big girls pants it is, and we're off (those last 2 words have double meaning).

For the past month we have been going to the beach on base a couple times a week, and we love it. The base beach is my favorite and our usual summer hangout-- no crowds, easy to get to, showers and bathrooms, and the sense of security I have on base with my little ones staying until sundown. We go in the afternoon because the sun is harsh on my opaque child. So we play in to dinnertime, go up to the showers, wash the kids (I bring mini-bottles that I fill with baby wash, shampoo and conditioner) and then get the kids changed into comfy clothes. We get loaded in the car to go home and usually stop someplace to pick up a late dinner. Because after a few hours of beach play and sunshine, they usually fall asleep hard on the way home- last night, Jack crashed while clutching his quesedilla. I love my Sunday afternoon routine. It's what makes me feel normal, brings peace, and reminds me of my blessings.


we love watching them swim

the opaque child that makes me smile

this little girl is getting to be more like her little big brother every day

my big guy

waiting for the birdies to land so he could give chase

our springsummerfall 2nd home

sand is yummy! (and her intestinal tract is fully exfoliated)

notice the guy in the background

and two seconds later :)

I guess the boogie board is safer

a little chilly for my meatless-boned girl

......and for the instagram lovers:

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