Saturday, May 28, 2011

raindrops and toeses and something something something.....

I took my kids to see the Moonlight Movie on base tonight to watch the soon-to-be MEGA-Classic that is Gnomeo & Juliet! But it was canceled. Because of rain. Even though it did not rain even a drop the half hour leading up to what WOULD HAVE BEEN the movie's start time (sunset), all through what would have been the movie's end time. How do I know this? Because I stayed in the grassy pavilion next to the beach, where the movie would have played, and instead chatted with friends (amazing Navy wife friends!) while my kids ran wild. So the night I was looking forward to did not happen, but the night I got made me happy. More than good enough for me.

I love moonlight movie season! Which coincidentally lines up with summer :) The base puts this on for military families, and it is all free. So we sit and watch movies (that we could rent from RedBox, but that is not nearly as fun) on a huge projector screen underneath the starry sky, in a patch of grass close enough to the beach that you can hear the wash of the waves when the kids' giggles and whispers quiet enough. Oh, and the ocean breeze. It's perfect. It's so casual, and I always feel normal and at home on base, so that just adds to it. Wish my husband was here, but I've got my Sarah, and seeing Jenni and her family is now an added bonus! Counting my blessings.

Speaking of blessings (I'm all about ease of transitions, peeps!) here they are. My blessings!

Did you see Kaiti's cute little feet. Love those little girl toes! 

And just because I'm not done yet, here's some stuff.

1- Just ebay-ed rotary cutting mat and rotary cutter. Why is it so expensive to cut something straight? But,  I really think I might need this. Really. My scissors and dining room table feel like they're just holding me back. 
2- Are there movies you just won't watch because of an actor in the film? Not for any political/ethical reason, just because you don't believe them? I realized about 5 minutes ago that I do. Weird. 
3- The movie My Life In Ruins....I actually like it. But I do think Nia Vardalamolosas (something like that) has been typecast and needs to get a role in something non-greek.
4- The Shake Weight commercial. There needs to be a rating on that.
5- I need to buy seersucker and make my girls skirts. Need to. It's summer and summer calls for seer sucker. And I also NEED someone to isolate and take the scent out of Stargazer Lilies and drop into a newly planted papery pink ranunculus, and then bring it to me, please. Perfection. I didn't mean to alliterate there. 
6- For my next birthday, I want a square dance. They look like SO much fun. Don't you think? If you say yes, you can come.
7- Pinterest. It helps me remember.

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