Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my Tyler

We just celebrated his 7th birthday and I am amazed at how quickly time seems to have passed. I can remember clear as day the first moments of his laughter. Of realizing he laughed hysterically at the sight of our black lab running in reaction to my husband's whistle, which had me saying 'again, AGAIN!' to my husband over and over.

Now, Tyler is a book-loving, dinosaur-fascinated, information-absorbing, never-forgetting, super-competitive, sensitive-hearted, laughter-loving, meat-craving, rules-oriented, amazing boy!!

Yesterday he came home from school and was so excited to share all of his great news. The big news was that he did the mile run at school and did it in a little over 12 minutes!! I was so proud of my boy, and he was really proud of his special 'mile-run' bracelet. He also bumped a reading level in class, and he cannot wait to choose from the new level of books. Finally, he shopped at the school's holiday bazaar and bought every person in his family a gift, and used some of his own money. He said he can't wait to see my face when I open the Christmas present he bought me. I have to be honest- when he said that, I started to cry. I just love my Tyler so much!

And here are some photos of my sweet boy that Angie Testa took!

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