Thursday, December 9, 2010

it's a black fly in your Chardonnay

irony = me deciding during labor that I wanted to have Tyler drug free and totally natural, and 24 hours later, I ended up having a c-section. wanting to try anew with Kaiti, epidural free, only to be told I needed a c-section again. (now I have 4 lines intersecting across my lower belly)

irony = texting a friend that I was really enjoying my new passion for my exercise bike and proudly telling her that I'd been on it every day for almost 4 weeks without a single hitch, and 2 minutes later, the pedal breaks off (and the tools it takes to fix this are things we need to go and get, not one of that 8,074 my husband has in his tool chest)

irony = feeling kinda cute yesterday in jeans and a sweater I have not fit into since before Kaiti, walking with a little pep in my step, and totally tripping over my own feet walking into Wal Greens and falling pretty hideously, on hands and knees, in front of a long line of shoppers

irony = worrying about Jack's growth and development in light of his organs being all mucked up, and he now tops the charts on weight and height, I have to squeeze his 2-year-old behind into snug fitting 3T pants that are an inch shy of being capris

irony = being super proud of a headband I just made for myself, and then someone asks me if my 5-year-old daughter made it

irony = spending the morning straightening my hair for the first time in many months, and holding Evie like an airplane above my head as she vomited BUCKETS right into my freshly straightened locks

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