Thursday, December 2, 2010


My sweet Kaitibug. I cannot believe how much she has changed. When she started preschool, she was so painfully shy that she ate her lunch under the table because she could not stand for the other kids to look at her. (Of course, the kids tended to look at her more because she was eating her lunch UNDER THE TABLE, but that was lost on her.)

Now when I go and have lunch with her at school, she is busy chatting up the other kids and it gets lost in giggles with her little friends. She loves her friends! She's really never been a 'toy' kid. She's taken ballet/tap and now tumbling, and is not really over the moon for any of those either. She likes them, and is really having fun with tumbling, but that is not something that just does it for her. Really, all she cares about are her friendships. I love that about her.

I thought I'd share this with you because it cracked me up. Last night on the way to tumbling, it was just Kaiti and I in the car and it felt very quiet. So I asked if she would play the question game with me.....the one where you rattle off questions super fast and the other person has only a second to answer. So I went first with the questions and asked the usual things-- "What's your favorite animal?", "What song do you like the most?", "What's your favorite thing to eat?", "If you could go anyplace where would you go?", etc, etc.  When I was done, she wanted to be the questioner. It cracked me up. Here's how it went.....

Kaiti: Do you like dogs
Me: Yes
Kaiti: Is your hair brown?
Me: Umm, naturally, yes.
Kaiti: Does it bother you when Daddy whistles?
Me: Uhh. welll..
ME: Okay, not that much
Kaiti: Do you like ponytails
Me: Uh, sure. That's all I ev-
Kaiti: Do you like gas?
Me: What? (totally laughing) What kind of gas?
Kaiti: Just ANSWER the question Mommy!
Me: Okay, yes, I like gas just fine. 
Kaiti: Do you like Jack?
Me: Uh, MY SON??? Yeah, I like him. You make me lau---
Kaiti: How many times do you drive?
Me: Like today? Or ever? 
Me: Fine. Eight Thousand!
Kaiti: You like Diet Coke?
Me: Absolutely.
Kaiti: Do you want to play Simon Says?
Me: Right now?
Me: Sure. Yes!
Kaiti: Where are we going?
Me: Tumbling!
Kaiti: Good job Mommy. You won. 

.......and that is my Kaiti in a nutshell! Now for the pictures of my sweet child from our family session with Angie!


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