Friday, November 26, 2010

Outta the mouths of mamas

These posts are quickly becoming my favorites! I add to them here and save it until I have a good list of things. And everytime I come back on to add something else I've said, I laugh. Our kids put us in some of the silliest situations, some of the most comical conversations!!

So here they are!!! Outta the mouths of this here mama.........

"Daddy didn't invent helicopters. Well, he didn't. I'm sorry to disappoint you."

"You are NOT allergic to "things with seeds". No. You're not."

"Aunt Kelley is 'gainin' on us?' What do you mean. Hmm. Well, Aunt Kelley and I weren't really 'racing'. We just had the number of babies that we think is right for our family. Okay. If Aunt Kelley starts to catch up, then I guess we'll just have another baby. That seems like the right thing to do."

"Why is he walking around with a spatula? And WHY is he NAKED??"

"What do you mean my answer "doesn't feel right" to you? I said you're only allowed one cookie and that's that."

"No, I never met Abraham Lincoln. He was a bit before my time."

"You can breathe through your NOSE. Chewing with your mouth closed is not going to kill you because you can't breathe. Quit acting like you are hyperventilating. Come on....."

"Please quit chasing him with a chainsaw. Thanks."

"Did you just say 'when this fish dies, I am gonna pick out a shiny red one?'. Okay, we need to talk about that."

"Why are you running away from me? What's a cheese touch???????"

"No, you can't have an iPad for Christmas. No way. Are you kidding. No more TV for a year. So if you can't have an iPad you just want a soda? Tyler, you're killing me!"

"Kaiti, please stop telling people that we are moving to Africa. No, that's not what I said and now I have to write a note to your teacher."

"No, I think we'll just take the car. Because we can't roller skate over the bridge."

"Uhhhhh.......I don't really see it, but if you think you do, sure. Well, then yes, definitely, you and Trouble look like twins." {Trouble is our 7 year old black lab, in case you were wondering :)}

"Can you please take your finger out of your nose. Out, please. You- making eye contact with me- take your finger out of your nose. Seriously. Why are you still looking at me with your finger UP YOUR NOSE??!?!"


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