Monday, November 29, 2010

Evie Diane

My precious blue-eyed babe is 5 months old today!! Oh, she makes us so happy. She coos and jabbers and laughs and smiles. She is such a delight!! 

She is practically sitting, but still doesn't like to roll over. We're quite certain she is working on some teeth. She loves her toes (uh, who WOULDN'T???), and laughs back when you laugh at her. She does not have much hair to speak of, but her eyes are a beautiful deep blue (for now).

Here are some of the Evie pictures we had taken by Angie Testa recently! Turns out, my little girl is just as cute in pictures as she is in real life :)

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Parsons family said...

Shannon, the new (redesigned) site looks great!


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