Sunday, October 31, 2010

He's HOME!!!

We picked Jeremiah up on Friday afternoon, and in case you can't tell from the pictures, we are all over the moon to be together again!!!

Since he let his junior crewman fly off the ship the day before, Jeremiah and about a dozen other guys flew home from Norfolk on this little plane. We pulled on to base just as we saw the plane coming in to land. You can imagine the excitement in my car as they kids locked on eyes it. Kaiti told me to step on it- she wasn't about to be late to see her Daddy!

I apologize for the quality of the pictures. These are all from my cell phone and I had Evie in m arms, too.

Obviously baby-holding and child-wrangling is not conducive to great picture-taking.

And there he was. Man, we might need to stop having babies because I am not sure if any more can really fit in there. Though, this Daddy would find a way. Just total joy.

Love this picture.

The weekend was jam-packed. We went to the corn maze and spent about 5 hours there. It was so nice to go to a place meant for families as a FULL family. I've done my share of events and outings on my own, and it can be really hard to see all the other complete families with a daddy enjoying the festivities with the kiddos. We're just thankful we've got him for a while (and quietly dreading having to say goodbye again in 2 months.)

The boys feeding the cows, and honestly amazed at the size of this dude's tongue. Can't say as I blame them because it was monstrous. In fact, when it opened it's mouth to get more corn Jack yelled 'NO, NO!'

Our little pumpkins! About 2 seconds after I took this, Jack pushed his {big} sister off the hay bale. She never saw it coming-- look at her smiling so sweetly. Poor girl. Oh, and when after he pushed her down the bale and she wound up on her back like a turtle, Jack started laughing. Hysterically.

He's waited 2 long months to kiss his baby girl. I love watching him love her.

That's it for now. Gonna go enjoy my family!!!

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Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!


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