Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my lazy post

I just spent my last two joules of energy on getting the craft mess put away so I am going to cheat on my post.

Oh, and before you go gettin all impressed with me that I used the term joule in my first sentence, DON'T. I googled 'how is physical energy measured' before I typed that. I'm honest like that. And actually, I probably am using the term incorrectly, but I am banking on no nuclear physicists or kineticists reading my post. A real gamble on my part since those are the circles I run around in. We're a fun bunch, I tell ya'.

Okay I don't even know what  I am talking about anymore. I'd hypothetically ask 'what is wrong with me', but, to be frank, I'm a little afraid of the answer. Whatever it is, I hope it's not genetic.

So. Instead of posting some big ol' tale of how I'm so busy, so tired, blah blah blah, I thought I'd just share the email exchange I had with my husband. It pretty much sums up where I am right now.

From him:

Hey babe,

I just wanted to tell you good night and let you know that I love you very much. You are wonderful. Sorry that you have so much on your plate. I am certain that things are just a constant zoo. I love you a whole lot babe. You are such a wonderful woman. Miss you and can not wait to get home to you. Tell the kids that I love them, miss them and good night. I miss you all and I am going to get off and go to bed since there are people waiting in line and I have an early day in the morning.
My response:
Thanks for saying I am a wonderful mom. I used to really want and need to hear that from you. Since you've been gone, I have mellowed out some. Honestly, I just feel wonderful because I have managed to cling to the little sanity left in order to care for these hooligans that I birthed. That, in and of itself, totally deserves a medal. Man, raising happy little people is not easy. Then you have to fit in teaching kindness, manners, hygiene, general health, a sense of appreciation, an understanding of the world around them, a compassionate heart, a selfless attitude, and a true desire to help others . Sheesh. That's kind of a lot. And I am rereading that list and seriously, there is nothing I can weed out. I have already trimmed it down quite a bit. So I hope you're cool with those because I cannot squeeze anything else in. Seriously. Fostering individual skills and teaching them patience is going to have to wait a while. I am seriously lowering the expectations I have for myself (what every deployed father wants to hear, I'm sure). I figure I'm doing alright if they are all fed 3 meals a day, are clean for the most part (the visible parts at least), homework is done, their bedrooms are reasonably safe (by reasonably safe I mean they would pass a HAZMAT test), and they smile and laugh at least once in a 24-hour period.
But I am glad you think I am wonderful. Right now, I just think I am just barely good enough, and that'll have to do.
Oh, and Tyler just fulfilled his laugh quote for the day. I made some incredibly inappropriate reference when stressing the importance of lower case letters staying below the dotted line (something about the uppercase letters would attack any letter that went above, and I even drew an uppercase T firing at the lowercase 'a' that ventured above the dotted line. seriously. what is wrong with me? they really should make women like me take a test before conception)

Okay, dinner is not going to make itself. And I have a ton of laundry because your son- I don't even have to name him- thought it'd be a good idea to dump his milk sippy cup out onto Kaiti's comforter. And when I scolded him, he chucked the cup at me. Last week, I honestly told a couple women- 'When you judge me and how I am as a parent, please focus on Tyler and Kaiti, and ignore Jack.' I wasn't kidding.
Love you honey!! Can't wait to see your face in a month or so!
Now, for the photo portion of this post......

the easiest post ever :)

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Pat Snethen said...

You've nearly got my vote for mom of the year ..most certainly the most talented mom author I know... however, I must inquire into photo #11 (if I counted correctly). Please tell us you did call Jack's name and he did return...???!!!! Or at least tell us how long you thought about it, before you called him back. :):):) Love your posts, love you! Patty


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