Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the wee hours with the wee one

Last night, as I lay snuggled up next to my girl, I felt fascinated.

Her little grunts and whimpers. Her sucking motion, with her bottom lip tucked in, searching for something to grab a hold of.

Her flailing arms, searching out something within her reach.

When all is quiet and I am woken by her sweet but urgent noises, letting me know she is ready to be fed, it is just her and I.

My sweet Everleigh. Her eyes wide as she locks onto me, they grow even wider when I pull her against my chest. Our shared warmth, her soft skin like silk against mine.

She nuzzles in and starts to eat, occasionally making a satisfied purr as she gulps down milk. Her breathing slows, her noises quiet as her belly starts to fill up, and her eyelids relax. Pure satisfaction.

Right now, in these precious days when she is fresh and new, I am all that she needs.

And that is the most amazing feeling.

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