Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fear the silence

Rule #1 of parenting a toddler: toddlers are NOT quiet. If they are quiet for more than a minute, it's not good. 

Not good at all.

Yes, that is vaseline in his hands.

Notice the gobs of it on the top of his head.

He was running away from me, but since even his feet were coated with the stuff, he didn't have much luck.

This was brand new and full.

It's not anymore.

Now I'm off to google humane ways to remove 378 oz of vaseline from a child's hair. Have a nice day.

**UPDATE-- After an extensive google search, I found that corn starch is the safest way to remove vaseline-gunk from baby hair. After about a dozen corn starch shampoos, Jack's hair is almost back to normal.


Parsons family said...

Haha! that is to funny!

Anonymous said...

Shannon - that is sooo funny - he looks like he was having fun:)


Amber said...

Oh how this brings back memories! CJ was constantly putting stuff in his hair. Ketchup, finger paint, and the worst was Desitin. The Desitin took five days before it was all washed out. Yes indeed, when it comes to toddlers, silence = trouble.

Kelley said...

I am so glad to see this and know it isn't just my kids. Maddie ruined an entire jar of the thick eurcerin cream. I walked in on her and she had it all over her legs, with one leg on our stool in the bathroom, pretending to shave her legs. UGH!


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