Friday, July 30, 2010

out of the mouth's of mama's

Another installment of one of my favorite themed posts!! 

"Really? A pogo stick? All you could ever want and wish for is a pogo stick? Well, alrighty then."

"Why do you guys keep asking me about our next baby? Who says we're having another baby? Let's just enjoy Everleigh. It's not like I can just produce a new baby seasonally......"

"Please stop trying to shove cheez-it's in her mouth. She does not have teeth, and the only person that needs to feed her is Mommy. Thanks, though."

"Where did you hear THAT? No, I am pretty sure daddy did NOT say that. He would never tell you that you're allowed to ride your bikes to the store to buy some Lucky Charms. You're 5 and 6!!!!"

"Honey, can you please come check the baby's mouth. I think she just gnawed my nipple off.  I am totally not being dramatic."

"No, sweetie, the part of the jellyfish that can hurt you is called a tentacle. A testicle is something completely different. I don't think you need to watch out for jellyfish testicles."

"For the thousandth time, THERE IS NO GRENADE IN ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS. It's called rock, paper, scissors. Rock- Paper- Scissors. Those are your only 3 options."

"Kaiti, I'm not doing anything wrong, so there's no reason to say 'uh oh' when you see a policeman. We're fine, we are not in trouble. Honey, he is not 'gaining on us', he is just driving the same speed as me. No, I'm not going to try and 'lose him', but thanks for that sound advice!"

"Huh? Honey, the little girl is just looking at you, no big deal. Why do you think she is going to try and take your shoes? Has that ever happened before? I know your shoes are really cool, but I don't think she's going to try and steal them from you. Fine, yes, I'll keep my eye on her."

"Go put some pants on. Sorry- even if your legs are super hot, you still have to wear pants. No, you can't go ask Daddy- that's my answer for the both of us. I am not worried that he will say that you don't have to wear pants! It is not appropriate to walk around in a shirt, shoes, and just our underwear!"

"How am I 'making you headache' Kait? By asking you to clean your room? Really? Well, looking at your room is making me a headache, so clean it. Nope, not waiting 'til your headache ends. Now, please!"

"Tell you all the secret passwords I know??? Why?? Tyler said what??? TYLER!!! She does not need to give you a secret password to get into the bathroom, so get out of her way, or you can clean up the mess when she wets her pants!!!"

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terria cotta said...

Very funny stuff! :)


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