Monday, June 28, 2010

My Sunday Seven!

I am a lover of Etsy. A serious, head-over-heels, passionate lover of Etsy, to my checking accounts detriment. And I squeal with delight when one of my treasures arrives in the mail. So, I thought I'd do another post sharing some of the shops I love the mostest! Most of these, I have purchased from-- some of them are ear-marked for a rainy day.....and lucky for me, I live in north Florida, so we get plenty of them :) Oh, you can just click on the RED text to be taken to the mentioned site!

1) I LOVE The Vintage Pearl!! Go check them out, and I bet you'll love 'em, too. Amazing jewelry! I recently got a necklace for Mother's Day, and I cherish it! Not and Etsy shop, but still handmade!

2) Curly Birdie makes some of the sweetest baby shoes around!! Oh, they are just too sweet for words. 

3) Leave You In Stitches- a MUST for mama's with little girls! In my opinion, clothing made the way little girl's should dress! Sweet, innocent, and ruffles and girlishness galore! You have no idea how sad I was when the item I added to my favorites list sold this weekend. But I've got my eye on this one, and I WILL satisfy the desire to get the sweet pinafore with the ruffly bottom I saw. Oh, you wait.....

4) So there's this pillow.... It's just lovely! RoxyCreations makes a ton of lovely things, but that pillow....

5) Poco Loco Creative- breathtaking art! Just looking at her shop transports me to very peaceful place! She mixes media and the combination is stunning!

6) I've mentioned Little Hailey before, but I'm certain it bears repeating! Lovely hair things for your little ladies at incredible prices. And I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed. The quality is great, and the designs are unique and oh so cute! A couple orders ago, she was kind enough to throw in a sail boat clip- free!- and my daughter LOVES it. She is wearing it in her hair right she is sleeping :)

7) Lilacs & Lollipops.....even their name is super sweet! My sister took it upon herself to throw me a one-woman baby shower, and this was one of the amazing treasures she gifted me with! A lovely nursing cover, but even more important- a nursing cover with nickel buckle, instead of the adjustable ring!! Why is this so exciting, you ask? Well, because with the o-ring that most covers use, you have to thread the tie through the ring and adjust it every time-- hard to do with a hungry baby on your hands! But the new design allows you to get the tie perfect, and leave it in place, and just buckle the tie on. Genius! And beautiful! Thanks KELL!!!!!! I love it!!

So that concludes this post of 'Some of the reasons I work from home', alternately titled 'Why I am up until 1 am' :)

Since I have shared with you, please, share some of your favorites with me! Really....I'm always looking for ways to spread the cash love around. Friends are supposed to share found treasures, right? So share, won't ya?

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Rachel said...

Lovely photos and facts.

You are such an enjoyable blogger to read and I always am blessed over here.

Thank you for your kind words on my blog regarding my Samuel. I am grateful for your prayers, love and support. Truly.

I hope that you have a blessed Monday.



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