Friday, June 25, 2010

like sands through the hourglass....

This week has me totally out of sorts. I had a Real Estate course that I had to attend to maintain my license, and that meant Jeremiah got to play Mr. Mom for a couple days.  He took the kids on nature walks, went to the zoo, and visited the park in 100 degree heat that I would not dare. And he did do laundry. But the living room is overrun by toys, paper from art projects, and dress up clothes strewn about. He tackled some of HIS to do list: he painted the dining room, the kitchen, and got the trim cleaned up. And apparently Jack got some of HIS to do list taken care of to-- he got into the craft area, found some RED (yes, RED!) acrylic paint, poured it on our floor, and then finger-painted ALL OVER the place. Oh boy! We got the paint off the floor, but not completely off our front door, the kids table, or his feet. We ichatted with my sister to show her what Jack had done, and all she could do was laugh. Yeah, it's super funny when it's not your house :)

Here are some of the pictures of what the kids did with Daddy while Mommy was hard at work.....well, at least, while Mommy was at work. And can I just say how blessed I am to have a husband who takes the kids on adventures by himself instead of spending the time in an air-conditioned home in front of a TV-- with the exception of World Cup Soccer, of course!!!

we started the weekend with a moonlight movie at the beach on base! great, free fun!

after living in FL for about 7 yrs, we've been lucky enough to only see these things at the zoo

when it comes to ferocity, that lion's got nothing on jack!

our zoo has a splash park, thank goodness, because it was BOILING that day

my wild bunch

this wasn't with daddy, but for daddy. $1 for each bobblehead and tons of fun! I heart Michael's.

nature walk at castaway island on another VERY hot, but gorgeous day

what I love about living in FL- green, beachy, and blue skies!

it's impossible to get one of all them looking at the camera!

case in point

notice the pink cheeks? did I mention it was HOT??

the heat was awful, but afterwards daddy got them smoothies!

enjoy the princess role now, girl, 'cause you won't be the only one for long!

time to head home......

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