Friday, June 25, 2010

me + evie, evie + me

I'm very pregnant. Very. And I've been a bit uncomfortable, mainly due to this sticky, energy-sucking heat spell we've been having.  But, instead of whining about the heat, my semi-hourly trips to the bathroom, my hip aches and yucky indigestion and heartburn, I am trying to put the focus back on the amazing wonder that is growing within me. (Okay, so I guess typing all that is not quite saving my gripes, is it?)

But really, I do cherish these moments with her kicking and squirming inside me. For some reason, this little girl really digs my right side-- most of the time you can see how lopsided I am. She's a dancing queen when I eat strawberries. And I am guessing, like her brothers and sister before her, she is quite content to stay in her warm, reasonably quiet, very cozy space, and won't budge until she's evicted.

And evicted she soon will be. Until then, though, I am loving this time with my girl, and loving the anticipation that builds in my home until the day we get to meet her and touch her sweet face.

please pardon the spots on my shirt here.....jack decided to wipe his chocolatey, hershey kiss-covered face on me right before I snapped this.

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Mary said...

What a cute baby bump! Your kids are adorable. I am visiting from the BlogFrog :)

My brother just recently joined the Navy. He is now in Pensicola, FL after is basic training.

Have a great weekend!


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