Tuesday, April 13, 2010

solved the mystery

I bet the reason we never see those Calgon commercials anymore is because they were getting calls and letters from unhappy consumers. You know what I mean? The people that poured the bubble bath and waited and waited, and they were never 'taken away'. I bet the switchboard operator was handed a script, so she could simply read it when these frazzled, overworked moms called their company desperately seeking an explanation as to why they weren't magically transported when they used their Calgon.

Okay, I should probably stop my incoherent rant here. To be perfectly frank, I've never used Calgon. And I am sure the folks that work at the bubble bath company are lovely, with the best of intentions. It's just that after a day like I've had today, I feel pretty safe in saying that no amount of scented potion poured into my hot tub would take me away.

Just one of them days..... Ever have 'em? Where it starts off wonderfully, and you think it's going to continue, but one by one, things start to unravel (like your patience, your positive outlook, YOUR MIND), and pretty soon you're sitting at a computer, taking deep breaths, and singing Jimmy Crack Corn to try and calm yourself down.

No? Just me? Really?

Mama said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this my mama said!

The icing on the cake is that Jeremiah is flying very late tonight, so I'm on my own. Of all the craziness and frustration today, you know the one that chaps my hide the most.......

..............we're fresh outta M&Ms.

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TIFFANY said...

Sorry to hear about the M&M's! :) Really, though, I know the feeling. I've been trying not to keep things like that in the house to keep us from eating junk food. But yesterday I had "one of those days" and I was desperate. I finally dug back into the very back of my cabinet and found some brownie mix in a jar that someone gave me for Christmas. Those were the best brownies I've ever eaten! (not really, they were dry. But at the time I thought they were great).

Aren't you glad that we get to start fresh and new tomorrow? I know I need it!


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