Monday, April 19, 2010

NOT ME! MONDAY.....My husband and baboons

Not Me!!! Monday, and boy does today feel like the perfect day to marvel in imperfection. I'm beat, feeling under the weather, and moping about the fact that my husband is flying late, which means it's a one-woman show. I wouldn't mind if he was only flying late tonight, but if he starts the week of with a late flight, because of rules regarding crew rest, that means that he will likely fly late the entire week. And as most of my mama friends know, later afternoons and evenings tend to be the witching hour with small kids. Okay, I'll stop wallowing for a bit and get on with it.

We went to the zoo on Friday morning and we were lucky enough to see the baboons having a wonderful time and making some incredible noises. You have to see this....

-- you're going to want to mute the music player at the bottom of the page for this--

After giggling for a good 20 minutes, I did NOT walk away muttering something ridiculously inappropriate-- 'Reminds me of daddy after he gets home from deployment.' *The kids did not hear me, but the man and woman standing next to me did, and gave me an interesting look as I pushed my stroller past them.

After picking Tyler up from school, I was walking into my room, and heard an interesting conversation between my son and daughter. I heard Kaiti say the word 'bra' so my ears perked up. Kaiti was telling Tyler at length that bras are only meant to be worn outside the house, which is why her mama takes her's off when she walks in the door. Tyler was disagreeing with her, and saying how you leave it on until bedtime, when you put your pajamas on. Miss Kaiti did NOT argue, 'No Tyler, bras are just for outside because we girls gotta protect our stuff from the wind, cause it blows so hard,  so girls are not supposed to wear a bra inside because there is no wind in here!!!' I did NOT start laughing quietly to myself in my room and decide to let that explanation stand for the time being. I also DID NOT start altering my routine just a bit so my daughter does not associate our arrival in the house with the removal of said brassiere.

After talking to Kaiti's teacher today about the end-of-school-year party planning we are doing, I was left feeling a little bit irritated with some of the parents of the kids in Kaiti's school. I asked Kaiti's sweet teacher if there is any way we could say, sternly, that if you plan on coming to the party, please bring a dish for everyone. I suggested we say it sternly because this year we have seen many parents arrive with not a thing to share, and we end up running out of food before all the children have had a chance to eat. (My children have been at St. Matthew's for 3 years and never have we had such an issue with this...)Kaiti goes to a Christian school, and I know the Christian response would be to brush it off and take pleasure in feeding everyone. But it really drives me nuts when people show up to something without contributing a single thing, and then fill their plates, and leave without pitching in. UGH!!! If you're going to be eating something, bring something-- right?? So I did NOT suggest to kind-hearted Miss P that if we see people showing up without a dish in hand, I tell them that the price of admission is a platter of food, and direct them to Publix just down the street :)

And following that up, after a t-ball game, my friend Annette invited our family over for a BBQ that night at her house. I asked her what we could bring, and she rattled off a bunch of homemade, yummy sounding things that others had agreed to bring. I had several hours to prepare a dish but was beat and felt a nap was calling my name. Soooo.....after telling her we would be there at 4:30, we did NOT leave our house at 4:28 and floor it all the way to Publix so we could pick up some of their 'homemade' spinach dip and french bread, along with steaks, hot dogs, and juice boxes. I am such a lovely guest!!

When I first started working with Lisa (my boss), I helped her manage a system that helped her track showings, open house schedules, and feedback from other real estate agents. We decided to send out an e-campaign focusing on a Home Buyer Seminar she was hosting through a local bank, so we could let our sellers know what she was doing to help attract buyers. In the e-mail, I had to attach a generic photo to the e-campaign, and planned on sending it to my boss for final approval. Since it was just going to my boss, I decided to just attach a photo of her cat, mid-meow and looking pretty ferocious..... I honestly cannot remember why I did that-- probably to get a laugh out of my boss, who had just hired me less than 2 weeks before, and give her a little insight into my mind- and also because we had not yet decided on the stock photo we would use, so I needed a filler photo. The email probably would have garnered a laugh, had I just sent it to her. Instead, I most definitely did NOT send it to EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN HER ADDRESS BOOK.....any seller she had ever worked with, and any agent that had EVER showed one of her listings, which totaled about 400 people. Upon realizing what I had done, I did NOT start drafting my resignation letter....... 
*Thankfully for me, she chalked it up to a beginner mistake, and did not fire me. 3 years later and still going strong, and not a single cat email since :)

I came across this just the other day. This is the follow-up email she sent out after I sent the now infamous catty email'

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