Thursday, April 29, 2010

Diary of A Tired Pregnant Woman

Monday April 19: Jeremiah's flying late, Jack tries flushing a box full of Legos down the toilet- only gets about a 3rd down, morning sickness returns despite the fact that I'm in Trimester #3, Kaiti feels sick and misses Ballet & Tap, Just give up my rules and bathe baby in sink

Tuesday April 20: Jeremiah's flying late, Tyler's Zoo field trip, Jack colors on our walls with crayon

Wednesday April 21: Jeremiah's flying late, OB Appt, Ultrasound # 89 for Evelyne, Tyler accidentally whacks Jack in the head with a plastic baseball bat

Thursday April 22: Tyler's Student Awards in Classroom, Customer calls me to tell me she is having 2nd thoughts and wants to back out of deal to buy home- make appt to show her house again to ease cold feet, T-Ball game- chasing Jack around about forces Evie right out of my belly, Watch my kids devour 2 cartons of strawberries in 1 day and wonder what it will be like when I have 4 chowing down

Friday April 23: Morning sickness still happening, Watch my littlest entertain himself for an hour with a bowl on his head, Sit out Tyler's t-ball game because exhaustion is taking a toll, Kaiti falls on playground bars, gets brought home by Michele, in pain and bleeding from a place no mother wants her daughter to bleed from

Saturday April 24: Early AM take Kaiti to ER and am worried like crazy about my little girl, miss Tyler's t-ball game- ask friends to watch Jack because Jeremiah is coaching and cannot leave the field, Reschedule appt to show house, Cancel all evening plans and work from home while cuddling my daughter

Sunday April 25: Husband not feeling well but cleans kids rooms anyway, Work for about 4 hours from home, Tyler not feeling good, Jack feeling better, Figure out the only thing that does not make me sick is cous cous so I eat a lot of that

Monday April 26: Tyler seems to be suffering from allergies, Jack sick, too, Kids home from school, feeling like Evie dropped in my belly and not liking her new position much, Kaiti takes her little brother on a bike ride as I clean up the garage, Take Kaiti to Ballet & Tap

Tuesday April 27: Take boys to doctor, While at doctor's Tyler has asthma attack and is taken back for x-rays and breathing treatments, They keep us for almost 4 hours, given oral meds of steroids to open lungs up, Tyler is a champ and braves most of this alone because they would not allow Jack in room during treatments, and I could not accompany him to x-ray

Wednesday April 28: Take Tyler back to doctor's per their orders and he looks a little better, still not 100%, Kaiti's beloved goldfish Miss Lady dies- complete devastation ensues and she is beyond heartbroken over the loss of her fish, Searching my house for a towel SO I CAN THROW IT IN!

Thursday April 29: OB Appt, Gestational Diabetes Test, Kaiti's Graduation Ceremony- she graduates VPK!!!!

Friday April 30: Ultrasound #90 for Evelyne, Kaiti's End of Year Party, Shrimp Festival in Fernandina

Saturday May 1: Tyler has a t-ball game, Work, Clean house

Sunday May 2: Praying that Sunday will, in fact, be a day of rest.......

....It'd be great if life could slow down just a bit, just long enough for me to catch my breath and maybe talk a 5 minute back rub out of my husband. No? Okay, what about 2 minutes?

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