Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thirteen thought Thursday

I made that title up. Just now. Not trying to start one of those quirky little blogging themes. Trust me, I am very aware of how itty bitty I (my little blog) is in the blogosphere. Okay, well maybe I am not itty bitty, thanks to my- pardon me- fondness of child-making (pregnant) and cheesecake (not to blame on pregnancy).

I also would like to state that I have WAY more than thirteen thoughts bouncing around in this noggin of mine. But the vast majority are not worth putting down on paper, and the rest, well…..let’s just say I want my family to still love me. I kid. Kinda.

Before I begin,  please know I intend to be a kind, tender-hearted, loving, forgiving, non-judging person. But sometimes I fall short. Like right now.

Thought 1: Role models….yep, already thinking about role models and how they will affect my children—mainly, my daughter right now. Let me tell you, it is SLIM pickins for role models now-a-days. I’m probably going to ruffle some feathers here, but there are a few I can cross of the list immediately: Miley, the Spears sisters, and the vast majority of young actresses. The only girl I am continually pleased with is sweet little Taylor Swift. She seems honest, responsible, thoughtful with her words and her image, and grounded. And faithful. Of course, she probably has made mistakes, but role models do that, and what defines them is the post-mistake behavior.

Thought 2: I don’t get people putting marshmallows—a candy, basically- on top of sweet potatoes. That would be like me serving steamed carrots sprinkled with smarties on top. That’s weird, people.

Thought 3: Non-believers celebrating Christmas. I thought about this a lot when a friend posted an interesting question on facebook—why do people who do not believe in Jesus celebrate Christmas?- she asked. Great question. And for the life of me, I don’t know. Yes, a lot of traditions do not seem  like they have anything to do with Christ. But in reality, a lot of things, like lighting a home, or putting a tree inside, have religious roots. But the fact that people just see it as a day off, to exchange presents, makes me sad. To me, it should be a day of rejoicing, that Christ was born, that the Son of God came to us in human form, like all of us, and showed us the path to salvation. So while the other traditions are lovely, and I love to merry-make and be festive, we need to keep the meaning close as we string lights along the mantle and hang mistletoe from doorways.

Thought 4: I really wish I knew what Kaiti did with her sparkly, glittery flip flops we bought back in August. She wore them once and I never saw them again. My feet were living vicariously through hers, because apparently Roxy does not make sparkly flip flops in an 8.5. Boo.

Thought 5: Sonic has a Peppermint Soft-Serve Shake. Wha..When??? Be right back.

Thought 6: I should clean my house and change this post to three thought thursdsay. Nah……

Thought 7: Advice……when you did not ask. Not lovely. Of course, it is one thing if I say, please, give me tips, give me advice, what would you do? In fact, I do this a lot….just yesterday I asked my sister and my friend Carrie for advice on how to proceed in a tough situation. I love other’s people’s opinions on how I should move forward……when I ask for it. When I don’t ask for advice, well then, I really am not open to it. And I think this is true for a lot of people. And really, how presumptuous is it of others to just dole out the advice—as if they have walked in your shoes, and have come out perfectly. I don’t think so. Advice on marriage, parenting, mothering, loving should be kept to yourself, since none of us is perfect, and all. I would never presume to know what another person is going through, experiencing, or feeling. Because we are different and handle things differently. So, really, advice is very circumstantial. Okay, getting off the soap box now.

Thought 8: Levis are a must for husbands. My husband + his worn levis = my frequent pregnancies J

Thought 9:  Oh. It’s gone. Next…..

Thought 10: I don’t understand the vanity that seems to running rampant lately. I am all about self confidence and feeling good about yourself, but I think truly feeling good about yourself comes from deep within. Cliché, but true- beautiful people, in my opinion, shine from the inside out. So the vanity kinda irks me. Like people taking dozens of self portraits of themselves to share with others…..what’s that about? We all know what you look like- they know we can SEE them, right? So why the photos? And what in the world is a person saying to themselves when they set up a camera and get the timer going and pose- ALONE- for multiple pictures? It makes sense to me if you are trying to get a good picture of yourself for your hubby, or you need for, oh, I don’t know, a business card or something. But repeatedly taking self portraits? Just seems like a funny way to spend time, and a very puzzling thing to only focus on oneself. Oops. Okay, I did say I was TRYING to not judge.

Thought 11: I love my family. And something new has been stirring in me as of late. A ferocious sense of protectiveness, a fierce need to pull them all in tight and shield them from harm. Maybe it’s the lawsuit. In fact, I am almost positive it is. Maybe it’s the big sister in me, but I really want to stand before the attorney’s and tell them to tread gently with my little sister and be careful and with her fragile emotions and her tender heart….or else. But if I do, they might throw me in jail. That would be bad. So for now I will just give them stern looks. Oh, they’ll know.

Thought 12: There’s a little girl in Tyler’s class who says she loves him. She is 5. I have met her. She is, umm, a lively girl. Adorable, sweet, full of energy. In kindergarten, she was wearing lip gloss, asking Tyler to sit by her at lunch, tossing her hair back and forth and chatting a mile a minute about the lunch ladies and how we’d better watch our backs (okay, so I am paraphrasing).  After talking to her briefly, it became clear that she MUST have an older sister. Or, she idolizes Miley or Jamie Lynn Spears (see what I mean?) Not sure about this. I did tell Tyler that he already has a girl that loves him and her name is Mama, and for now, that’ll do. He seemed content with that.

Thought 13: Why is there a big piece of tinfoil on the floor of the bathroom? Do I really want to know the answer?

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