Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year!

Yesterday, as I pulled up to pick up Kaiti from school, she jumps into the car, rips her backpack off, and says, very matter-of-fact, 'Mommy, we need to go home and put up a Christmas tree for Jesus'.

I was a bit taken back.....mainly because I had not even had time to turn my head and say hello to her. But also because, of course we will be putting up a tree, but the urgency in her voice told me she was not going to wait patiently. And just as I was about to tell my sweet child that we would be putting up a tree as soon as we returned home from California, she blurts out 'And it makes Jesus happy when we decorate the tree together, so we need to make it look really good.'

Clearly, they discussed symbolism of Christmas at school. And clearly, my child was taking notes, storing away everything Miss Pat said to the class, so she could regurgitate later in her argument to get the tree up.

Now, bear in mind that Saturday morning, bright and early, Jeremiah was up in the attic getting down all of our Christmas boxes. And he spent the better part of the day stringing lights along our house, putting reindeer in the yard, and fancifying our walkway. (umm, excuse me red underline, please remove yourself from beneath the word fancifying, because it IS a word-- I know so, because I checked with Mr. Merriam and his friend Mr. Webster)

So, you see, we are not just sitting here hoping little elves will bring in the season for us....we really are merry-making and decorating. But, for poor, sweet Kaitlin, our home will not be celebratory enough for the Lord until we put a tree up.

I explained to her that since we are leaving on Saturday for a week, it would not be a good idea to buy a tree. Who would water it? Who would be here to turn the lights on and off? Who would be here to smell it's intoxicating, Christmas scent? I thought I had her. I thought she was convinced, that it would be best to wait. She seemed like she agreed.

But about ten minutes later, as I was doing the dishes in the kitchen, she says, 'Mom, get your shoes on when you're done, so we can go get a Christmas tree.'

Aye.......Looks like I'm headed to Lowe's this afternoon to see if we can find a mini-tree to satiate my dear daughter!

Tis the season, folks!!!

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