Monday, December 28, 2009

NOT ME! Monday

Hi there! I came on tonight to un-blog about all my un-happenings, to distract myself from the pouty husband, upset that his fantasy football hopes have been dashed. Man, if Minnesota could score about seven defensive touchdowns, maybe his blood pressure would drop some and his color would return to normal. Until THAT happens, I'll just blog :)

A couple days before Christmas, with the cold settling in and my kids going stir crazy from being cooped up, we decided to go visit Daddy at work for lunch, bring him some treats, and go to the park on base afterwards. While there, I let the kids roam around and stayed ever close to my littlest babe. So, I can assure it you it was NOT ME who let Jack climb the steps alone and attempt the slide all by his one-year-old self. (I can feel my sister's fear and anxiety from here.)

And since my home is always peaceful and quiet, especially around the holidays, there would be no need to escape for a bit. So, I know that I did NOT hear my husband say, 'Babe, if you need me, I'll be locked in the bathroom for the next 45 minutes. No, I don't have to go, I just need some quiet.' And I did NOT grab my magazines and consider joining him in there.

I was NOT in a frantic rush on Christmas afternoon scurrying things into drawers, closets, and anywhere else they would fit, so my house would look decent and semi-tidy when our friends arrived for Christmas dinner. And speaking of having our wonderful friends, the Kopsch family, over for Christmas, we adults stayed on our best behavior while playing cards and hanging out, and I DID NOT hear Chris doing a wonderful rendition to the song 'Get Low', the song that Sandra Bullock sings around the campfire in the movie 'The Proposal'.

The day after Christmas we took the kids to Target to spend the gift cards they received from Grandma Julia and Aunt Jody. (And I should tell you that my husband has an extreme dislike of shopping at Target with me, because we go in for one thing, and come out with twenty.) So, as he was getting builders glue with the boys, Kaiti and I snuck off to the baby clothes section and picked out an irresistibly adorable outfit for the baby that is only 13ish weeks along in my belly.

Don't worry, if I actually purchased this, I'd definitely save the receipt.

Today at lunch time, after making myself a caesar salad with homemade croutons, I did NOT give Jack a mini candy cane to distract him, so I would not have to share one bite of my yummy salad with him. How selfish, right? And I promise you, I am NOT about to do the same exact thing because now that I have mentioned that delicious salad, I think I need another serving. So I better post this so I can start fixin the croutons!

Happy NOT ME! Monday friends!!

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