Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a big day's a'comin....

Have any guesses? Come on......Okay, I’ll give you a hint, but just one. His name rhymes with snack. Pretty fitting, huh? Fine, one more hint-- pretty soon, that person whose name rhymes with snack will be celebrating! You got it...FINALLY..... man, you guys are slow ;)
Our Jack is turning ONE! And THAT, my friends, is a VERY BIG DEAL! 
Much to my husband’s chagrin, I like to celebrate birthday’s like it’s nobody’s business. Really. I feel like you only get one day a year to celebrate the wonderfulness that is you, so you should make it count. And by make it count, I mean, each birthday I try to throw my kids a shindig they won’t soon forget. 
Now, since Jack is turning one, I don’t feel the need to go quite so big. I’d rather it just be a celebration of my little guy’s life. Most importantly, I want all those who have loved on him, prayed for him, and helped grow him to be by his side as he shoves his first piece of sugary sweet, icing-topped cake into his mouth. 
Since we can’t possibly have everyone I previously mentioned present, we’ll be sure to capture the day’s highlights on film (err, teenie disk inside my digital camera), and post it here. 
So, why am I writing about this, you ask? Because. Because... I need your help. Ugh, I know. You’re busy, you’re tired, and just generally don’t want to give of yourself. But wait-- don’t leave me. The help I am asking for requires no sweat, no energy, no giving of your time. I just need you to share your brilliant, far reaching minds with me for a few minutes. (Shamelessly sucking up here, I know. Is it working?) Does anyone have any wonderful birthday party ideas for a little guy turning 1? I don’t mean location ideas-- I mean theme ideas, activity ideas, tradition creating ideas, memory making ideas, gift ideas? Anything that comes to mind- bring it! Once you’ve got something, could you please share it by adding a comment here? That way, everyone can delight in your inspired suggestion. I know, I know......ideas like these are as coveted and veiled in secrecy like time-honored family recipes. BUT- remember this- what mom doesn’t put her own spin on things? And, truth be told, sharing makes us better. Okay-- ready, set-- SHARE!

what a difference a year makes, wouldn't you say?


Kelley said...

Hey Shan,

Maybe the theme of his birthday could be "giving back", you could ask that every family that attends Jack's party bring a dollar or two to donate to the nicu where Jack was, to buy more personal items for the babies that have to stay there longer...I remember you sayng how touched you were by seeing those items. And then you can tell Jack as he is older how his birthday helped babies that were sick. I think you could also have the kids do a craft project, w/ just contrsuction paper, stickers, markers, etc. to make cards for the families of babies that are in the nicu now. You can make some for the parents and then maybe some for the siblings of the babies. and then tape a picture of Jack in the cards-from when he was in the nicu to now (like you have in your blog), that might be a great source of inspiration for them, to see how far Jack has come and something completely unexpected. You could have the kids write in the cards (or help them) we are thinkng of you, etc. etc. Then maybe you could take a pic of the child who made the card and put it on the backside, i.e. Made by Kaiti w/ a pic of her. I will keep brainstorming :). But those are my ideas so far :).
Love u,

Josi said...

Oh yay!!
Well how about for the party you get some thin rice paper (the edible kind) and some pudding (make some of your own with food coloring) and you can do edible finger painting? I know he's only 1 but he might have fun spattering it around. You can use skittles and other colorful candies for the creating too. Whatever you come up with will be amazing. I'm sure of it. I hope Jack has a wonderful birthday.

Josi said...

Oooh, K's suggestions are Ah-MAZING!!

Shannon said...

kelley-- that is a great idea. I might incorporate something like that.
josi-- I love the idea of edible art. see, this is why I ask. I think I am limited in the creativity idea department. I would have never thought of doing that for a birthday party.

Thanks so much ladies!!

Kelley said...

The edible painting is a great idea, I think I will do that with the girls just for the fun of it on Monday while Kyle is at school. Thanks Josi :).


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