Monday, March 16, 2020

tail end of the whirlwind

Well, maybe not the tail end of the whirlwind quilt making. I actually have one quilt that is basted and ready to be quilted.....I am just not in love with it. Yet. With all the schools closing down for about 4 weeks, I suppose that leaves me with plenty of time to fall in love with it.

These two quilts were not new creations. I wanted to make a new design but I told myself I had to complete 3 unfinished quilts first. I store my projects in ziploc bags, so I went to my 'Bin of Bags' and grabbed three.

Can I tell you how completely gratifying is to complete something that has been lingering as a bunch of pieces for so long? Aside from that fact that these projects take up space in my mind (I am always aware of the things I didn't if the quilting Principal is disappointed in me...), these bags take up space in my craft room. And I truly think that an excess of things plays a part in my lack of motivation.

Anyway. I completed two! That's exciting!!

Here is my first one, which was a leftover bit of strips from my 16 patch quilt. I had bits of strips in precious fabric I couldn't bear to toss but wasn't sure what to do with. I threw them up on my design wall and moved them around until I came up with this quilt.

Ladies and gents, quilt #4.

Like my gulf quilt, I decided to have the binding be the same color as the background, so it did not take away from the color and pattern of the design.

The colors, and that warm peachy pink background are just soooooo comforting and warm. I am fan of this one. Who would have thought that some left over strips of squares that I akmost discarded could turn into something that makes me happy? 

Well, I guess I did, because I saved them. lol.

Straight line quilting allowed for plenty of wrinkle between the lines.

Finishing strong with my faves quilt photo. This one is all ready to be cuddled and can be found in my shop here.

And, now for quilt #5. I think I started this one a couple years ago, with bits of my Hello Bear fabric I wanted to highlight. 

I assembled them in picture frame style, just sewing pieces to frame the center block, and them trimming the squares to 10 inches. I added a border to all sides to make it larger, and voile!! A gray and white toned quilt with the most adorable woodland creatures framed like a comfy little scrapbook of furry friends. 

I think the vertical border strips were cut to 1.5 inches x WOF, and the horizontal border strips were cut to 5.5 inches x WOF.

This Bonnie Christine fabric is soooooo adorable. I have made at least one quilt from this line so far.

Look at the cute little mama and baby owl!

I noticed the tones in this quilt can feel with warm or cool depending on what it is surrounded by.


It is listed in my shop here.

Y'all be sure to send me all the FINISH IT vibes, so I can wrap up this throwing star quilt that has been in progress since 2017!! Say what?!? It is basted and the binding has been created, I just need to quilt it and stitch the binding on! 

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