Thursday, December 8, 2011

vocabulary lesson

irony- driving across town to the Navy Exchange to get a little portable potty to keep in the car for emergencies, only to leave the store and get stuck in standstill traffic (Vice President Biden was visiting Mayport today, and his motorcade caused traffic in all directions to halt). I wound up being super late and had to pull over on the side of the road and open the little potty so Jack could attempt to go potty on the side of the road.

-there's no picture for this vocabulary word- I was too busy trying to make sure pee didn't go everywhere in the back of the car-

grateful- after entering Jeremiah in a Military Appreciation contest hosted by Dell months back, he received an email a few weeks ago stating that HE WON (!!!!) and he could choose a computer that he wanted from one of 4 fun options! It arrived and it is awesome! It's a Dell Inspiron One Touch computer. It takes up very little space- as in I have moved it easily from the kitchen counter to the dining room table to the coffee table to the dining room table. The touch feature allows even Jack to play games on learning sites and have fun, and watching movies and listening to music on it is neato. I'm still a mac girl, but this computer is super duper and awesome for our family!

-look at her! she's a sight to behold! much thanks DELL!!-

blessed- sitting on the couch with my little girl on my lap listening to Christmas music and watching as my husband merged together two sets of stocking to hang six from our mantle. Or we could just keep our two sets and hope for 2 more people to hang stockings for :)

-clearly I need to put some of my pins into action because my mantle looks pretty weak-

amazed- I am the queen of over anticipation. every time. I don't know why, but despite being proven otherwise, I still always think things will be worse/harder/more stressful/scarier than they really are. like potty training. it is a huge commitment and as much as I believe the kiddo has to be ready, so does the mama. and I dread it because while Tyler was a breeze to potty train, Kaiti was NOT. so I assumed Jack would be tough, too. but wouldn't you know it, this little guy is just chock-full of surprises. (how do I not know this, as well?!?!?) he has been wonderful, and we are on a full week of underpants and only a few accidents...the majority of which were not his fault, because we were driving. (see also: irony)

-on a lunch/park date with my husband and jack announced he needed to POOP! I heart parks with potties!-

ready- after wondering for the past few years about whether the timing was right and what I really wanted to do with myself, I decided to take the plunge. I applied for graduate school to get my MBA with a marketing concentration and hope to start in January, as in, 23 days from now. yowza! (that's what my mom would have said!) if I work my fanny off, by this time next year, I will have my MBA, and will be all set to start doing something I've been thinking about for a while!

-I just wanted something to fill up all my excess free time. heh heh heh-

lucky- I misplaced my glasses a few weeks ago. as the lens shop lady put it, I lost my "fancy going out glasses". -since I skipped my eye appts while Jeremiah was gone AND broke my glasses and did not replace them, my vision got worse after 8 months of reading/working with no glasses. so now I am supposed to wear them all the time. like a constant four-eyes. it doesn't count as name-calling if you are talking about yourself, right?- anyway. my all the time glasses. I got two pairs- one was on sale, and the other set of frames I really liked but they were coach and cost triple what I wanted to spend. I actually said to the lady at the frames shop, "what could I get for about twenty?". I do that a lot actually. but then my husband said I had the hot librarian thing going on, so of course I bought fifteen pairs. or just one. and of course, the glasses that I lost: the FANCY NANCY going out ones that cost me 3 toes and a knee (because arm and a leg are so overused). but just yesterday I asked my husband to hop out a place we had lunch at the day I lost them, and WHADDAYAKNOW? He comes walking out with my fancy schmancy glasses in his hand. LUCKY DUCK Shannon! that's what you can call me now. that, or Elle MacPherson. people call me that all the time, too.

-that Elle MacPherson can be soooooo dorky! also, someone needs to tell her that the orange instagram filter isn't doing her any favors. that, or eat less carrots.-

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