Friday, December 2, 2011

InstaFriday (I made it!)

Here is our week (or two) in instagram photos. The commentary is a clockwise one :)

-Rainbow Cupcakes
-Chic Fil A Birthday lunch with his class (and a sneaky 1st grader who ditched her friends for a cupcake)
-Football cupcakes with sprinkles? Totally.


-Thanksgiving dinner, Evie style
-anniversary night, but two people snuck in between our cuddling
-a condo if my mom's ice cream pie and a pinterest version and asti. good times.


-bacon for spaghetti carbonara. my friend michele's mom made this for us a gajillion years ago and it is still a remembered favorite.
-Kaiti with some tea party loot she scored at Emma's birthday party
-gifts of thanks for teachers and school staff
-I achieved it. gold status. some might say that's a problem. I don't say that.


-Tyler was the Student of the Month! Yay Tyler!
-looks like Everleigh got my hair gene. poor thing.
-My husband getting our house rent-ready. apparently pink and white stripes are not "neutral". bummer :(

-perfect late fall morning at the park with my littlest ones-

-the force is with them
-my other daughter got my fun-socks gene. and that makes me happy.
-bought canned pumpkin for pies, but no one likes pumpkin pie in this house. they sure do love some pumpkin cupcakes though!

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