Monday, June 6, 2011

app happy

This morning, while I should have been mopping and folding laundry, I was checking out my blog roll and doing a little reading. I came across Raechel's post about iPhone apps her little one loves, and thought I'd do a similar post and share some of our favorites!

First, just as she mentioned, my kids aren't walking around with my phone or my iPod constantly in hand. It's a special occasion when they are allowed to use it. Because honestly, with a deployed husband, I am not wanting to let go of my phone for fear of missing an email opportunity with him. I usually break out the gadgets and share with the kiddos when we are stuck waiting somewhere (doctor/dentist), when their patience has worn out (post office line-ugh!), or when I am simply trying to distract or deflect from what I see coming and let them play for a bit.

Evie's only interest in my phone is using it as a chew toy. She is fascinated by the lights on the screen, but then she just tries to put it in her mouth, so no favorite apps for her yet!

Jack's Top Three:

1) Dance Star Mickey pretty self explanatory....when you touch the screen, Mickey busts out his best dance moves! Entertaining for my little guy!

2) Talking Tom Cat Actually, this is a fave of all 3 older kids. They think it is funny to get that cat and hear the noises he makes. He repeats what you say in his funny cat voice- always a laugh producer for my crew! 

3) Monkey Preschool Probably my favorite of Jack's favorites, because he is actually getting some education from it. He likes matching the fruit and learning colors!

Kaiti's Top Three:

1) Touch Pets Cats This app lets you feed and play with kitties, pet them, and take care of them. They purr and make noises. Not a lot to it, but it makes her happy!

2) Olivia Paints Kaiti loves anything arts-and-crafty, so this one is right up her alley. Plus, she gets to combine colors to create her own vibrant painting!

3) Carnival Games Very much like the Carnival Games for the Wii, this is just a compilation of fun games.....both Tyler and I like this one, too!

Tyler's Top Three:

1) Dinos I think the full name is Dinosaurs Unleashed, but on my phone it just says Dinos. Tyler is really into dinosaurs, and this one is full of facts for him to absorb. Cool bonus: it tells you how to pronounce the name of the dinosaur and makes a dino sound. 

2) Game of Life Tyler got the board game, Life, for his birthday and loves it! So this app is just the mobile version of his favorite game!

3) Lego Ninjago This is his newest favorite! He loves anything Lego, and this scavenger hunt game lets him practice his 'spinjitzu' :)

I will share some of MY favorite apps in a later post! I'd love to hear if you've got any favorites we should check out. We could use a little spicing up! My top picks are always changing.....I wrote about some of my favorite apps in January, but I have more to add to the list since then! And if you're curious about apps for the 1-year-old crowd, be sure to check out Raechel's post HERE!

Happy Monday! And also, HAPPY 5 MONTHS DOWN TO US!!!!

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