Monday, March 14, 2011

today, with a hint of sarcasm


.....Jack spilled an entire box of Cheerios on the kitchen floor. I heard the smattering of little things hitting the tile and walked in to see Jack with a hand over his mouth open in the O position. He looked up at me and says "Uh oh, Mama, Tubble (our dog Trouble) spilled. You got dat, mama. You got dat." Not a question, but a statement. So my kid makes a big ol' mess, blames it on someone else, and then expects me to pick it up. I think he's got a career in politics in his future.

wearing my glasses that he later stepped on
.....I cracked up at a random misuse of words when iChatting with my sister. We were type chatting and I wanted to video chat because Evie kept hitting the keyboard. But I goofed. See...

I said eye chat

....I am missing my husband a bunch. You guys, I really really love that man!

.....I laughed out loud at a stranger when I wasn't supposed to. I was at the Dollar General picking up dog food after I dropped my big kids off at school, and this lady starts cooing at Evie. Then she says "Oh, don't you worry, Mom. She'll grow hair eventually." (That's when I laughed) For starters, am I constantly walking around with a look of worry over my daughter's adorable baby baldness? Are my brows furrowed as I stare at her scalp? No. And also, I kinda figured about it growing in eventually. I DID go to college and all.......

....I have left my husband three voice messages via K7. Military wives, do you know about this? You can send your husbands voicemails that get delivered to their email addresses, and it is free! My husband's loving it. Just click on 'dis here LINK to be taken to the site, and then click on SIGN UP at the top center. 

....Tyler started calling his baby sister Ever. Still trying to figure out how I feel about that.

....I woke up to an email from my husband with the subject reading "Pirate Sightings". This is what I got......

I need to find out wrote my husband a No Shave chit. I've got an email in the works. That fuzz has gots to go! (except maybe the goatee)
what did I expect him to do with the pirate stuff we sent him
And about these pirate pictures....I showed them to the kids right after I woke them this morning. This is how the conversation went with Kaiti.

K: Oh my guh-ness, Daddy found a real pirate ship. (she actually clapped)
Me: uh, well...
K: Tyler, Tyler!!! Look it!!! Daddy found a real pirate ship. He musta seen that flag and jumped outta his helicopter and got their ship!!! Yea Daddy!!!
Me: Well, actua---
K: Yea!!! Daddy did it!! He got some pirates. He prolly took their pirate stuff and is showing us in the picture. Tyler!!! Aren't you so proud of Daddy??
T: (shaking his head) That's totally not what happened.

I didn't have the heart to tell her right then because she was so darn proud of her Daddy. Ironically, she is the one who picked out the pirate kit from Target's dollar bins and put it in his care package.

Happy Monday friends!!

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