Thursday, July 29, 2010

off-center, an amateur effort!

I love the Idea Room! Tons of tips on things from sewing, to treats for the kids, and photography tutorials!!

I saw the post today about the 'Rule of Thirds' and thought I would give it a whirl in the editing stages of a photo. I would have run out and shot some photos, but I have a baby girl sleeping on my lap...which, by the way, has made typing this quite difficult.

Here are my results.....not awesome, but a start, at least. More importantly, though, I will keep this little rule in mind when shooting pictures and see what kind of photographic gems I can drum up.

As you can see, we beach it a lot around here.....

There you have it! A bit excited to put this to work, and a big thanks to Kristen Duke for a simple tutorial!

1 comment:

Kristen Duke Photography said...

Great job! Glad you went right to work--kinda stuck at the computer with a baby sleeping on your lap:) #3 is my favorite--love it!


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