Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Quilt The Book?

As we are sitting in the airport hoping to catch a flight to Spain, I figured now was a great time to write a post I've been mulling over in my head.

One of my very very favorite bloggers, Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches , started a little challenge a while back that she called Quilt the Book, I believe. The challenge is pretty self explanatory-- she just quilted her way through the book.

This has intrigued me for many reasons. First, while I have a major obsession with quilting books, I've yet to find a quilt book that had me wanting to make even half of the quilts featured. It would be both exciting and a little off putting to make a quilt that I wasn't initially drawn to. Also, a lot of my quilting lull is a result of TOO MUCH inspiration/ideas/color palettes, that leave me not knowing where to begin. Having something more structured, like a plan to make what's in front of me, would really solve that issue for me.

So. I have decided to go ahead with this challenge after I select a book. I have created a few rules to both keep me focused and give me a little freedom. The rules:

- I have to make 2/3 of the quilts featured in a book. Other projects won't be included. So if there are 15 quilts featured, I need to make 10. This gives me a little freedom in not having to choose something  that really doesn't speak to me.

- I don't have to stick to exact sizes for patterns-- I can size up and size down, but I need to roughly adhere to same dimensions

- my goal is to complete this challenge before Spring of 2017

- I can work on the projects in between, but cannot start another book quilt until the previous book quilt is finished.

So, now the contenders....

I really love Quilt Love. I like this book because it  modern and traditional and I feel like the quilts really allow you to put your own spin on things. Also, I feel like the quilts can come together fairly quickly and really allow for a lot of individual expression.

The other book I'm considering is Sunday Morning Quilts. Another favorite of mine. Love the patterns but also love the use of scraps and the quilts in the book are so fun!

So there you have it. A little self imposed challenge I'm debating. And here's a few pictures of things I've been working on lately.

I used a cotton poly batting and it made have a little extra puff.

backed in double gauze.

I used three different colors of thread for the quilting.

A quilt top I am working on. based on the Tunnels quilt from the book Modern Heritage Quilts.

The makings of a bag for myself.

My go to Spain bag, except we didn't actually get to Spain. 

Okay, so is anyone with me on the "quilt the book" challenge?

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