Monday, August 1, 2016

a recent finish and a quilty wish list of sorts

First, here are some pictures of a recent finish. I started this quilt about a month ago.

This was it in progress...I have this thing about making baby quilts because they come together faster than larger quilts and are easier for me to quilt, but I have been trying to make bigger ones, so I added extra rows to this one. 

I had a plan to back this in Sarah Jane's Sommer Double Gauze in the aqua checker pattern, but when I opened up the fabric I noticed that the company cut it completely wonky and messed up. So I had to come up with a  plan B.... you can see a bit of the backing here. I ended up piecing 3 different polka dot fabrics together and adding a border of the black quotation marks on white. I like the look and how it feels, just bummed because I wanted to use that light double gauze. Oh well.

This is definitely the most color-saturated quilt I have made yet. I planned on adding more white, but my cousin pointed out that sometimes having a lot of white space with kids is stressful because she doesn't want them messing up the quilt. You would think that would have crossed my mind with 5 kiddos....

I used an 80/20 cotton poly batting on this one to up the puff factor, but it didn't get quite the puff I was hoping for. Might need to go with a higher loft next time. 


And here she is, in all her glory. That green fabric in the middle left, and that golden yellow a little off center.....these are probably might favorites in the green and yellow category. I need to replace them because I am getting low on them in my stash.

And now for my little list.  I have a gajillion ideas in my head and I tend to forget things easily, so I want to have this so I can remember my "things I want to make" list.

Okay, as far as quilt patterns go:
  • More quilts using solids, reminiscent of the Quilts of Gee's Bend
  • A fancy fox quilt  I have the pattern for this and have made a few foxes into pouches and baskets for friends, but I want a full foxy quilt
  • A triangle quilt with lots of empty space just LIKE THIS I have made 2 triangle quilts and they both aren't good- you can see one here if you scroll down a little. I don't know why triangles and I don't get along but I am determined to fix that. 
  • A color wheel quilt It involves curves, though, and curves make me get sweaty and cussy
  • A monochromatic log cabin quilt, something like this  ...not in gray scale, though...I was thinking varying shades of yellow
  • A quilt involving lots of different shaped blocks, more modern, using a lot of solids....isn't this quilt just AMAZING and THIS ONE!!!

As far as color or overall design:

  • A quilt using a color for the background instead of maybe a gray, or a camel-colored tan, or even a pea green or a maybe a citrusy orange. (I can feel some of you cringing- but I have seen it done and though it's not for everybody, I have always found a colored background so bold and beautiful and it brings a whole new level of richness to a quilt!)
  • I want to do a couple more monochromatic quilts. I started doing one, and then because I cannot keep to my original idea EVER, I added in strips of sand colored linen, because the aquas got me all beach feeling.
  • I want to try color combinations that would never be my first turquoise and orange, or black, white, and lime green, or maybe even -GASP- incorporate some brown into one of my quilts. Do you have any color combos that interest you but that would ordinarily stay away from??
Okay, that's it for today. I will wrap this up with may picture I got of our gorgeous North Carolina sunset sky recently.

Just look how He paints the skies for us! Our Heavenly Father is a brilliant artist. 

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