Monday, July 16, 2018


I am going through a muted phase. Not the non-speaking variety, unfortunately for my children......I am talking color palettes.

I had been drooling over this gorgeous Kelly Ventura lawn print in Cottoneer Fabric's shop for a bit. That picture isn't the best at showing the color-- this picture is better  I think it is the top right fabric, because the gray is actually like an icy blue-gray mix. I bought it, along with a bundle and some other fabrics, and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love.
this picture is better
I started building around that main fabric, and eventually had a color palette. (which definitely evolved to include another color, with one of the fabrics below being omitted.)

And in keeping with my idea to Quilt the Book, I flipped through the book to determine a pattern. I knew I was going for a soft, modern look, one the did not look overly planned. So the Tagged Quilt was the clear choice for me.

And so I began constructing a basically improvisational patchwork quilt, using bigger blocks, and keeping a soft palette.

I knew  before I began quilting it that I loved it.  But the quilting just amped up the love.

Sometimes that happens for me, where I am not sure if I love it until I quilt it. And sometimes even after I quilt it, I'm still unsure. Fortunately, the latter is pretty rare. Because I know pretty early on during the piecing process whether or not I am liking a quilt. And the ones I am not are usually cast aside. There have been a few I continued on with. And of those, most I am happy I did. -- I will be honest and say that I have made a couple that even after it is finished and washed and all crinkly and cuddly, it still feels blah. I can think of 3 right off the top of my head, but I don't think I should share which ones because one was a gift, one went in my shop, and one is still sitting here, and I don't want to attach my meehhhhh feelings to these quilts. haha.

sorry.....I got sidetracked.

This quilt was not meeehhhhhhh AT ALL. I loved it. Here she is!

This quilt is available in my shop here  :)

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