Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Finished : Liberty and Linen Wonky Star

A while back I started a quilt with the whole focus being a way to showcase a beautiful Liberty of London print. I made the quilt top, and then it just sat, languishing in a bin.

I have realized, since I do this a lot, that tends to happen with me on quilts I begin with an idea, not sure if it will work out. And then I work quickly, making the top, and once I complete the idea in my head, I sigh and feel content to have gotten it out, and then fold the quilt top up.

It's kind of funny, really, because despite my not seeing these quilt tops through to fruition, I am ridiculously proud of myself for having at least finished the top.

Well, I promised myself I would complete this one, so I whipped up a backing and then got to quilting, and voila!

The quilting on this near killed my back, but it was worth the hunch in the end.

I like how you can see the stars outlined on the back. 

So there you have it. One top left the basket, while about 8 others still sit. I guess this Liberty quilt was a lucky one. :)

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