Monday, March 7, 2016

march on

hey friends! I am basically putting off work right now, so I guess you could call this avoidance blogging.

about work.....working from home is one of those weird things. I don't feel like a stay-at-home-mom but I also don't feel like a legit 'worker'. haha. But honestly, when people ask if I work, and I say 'yes, I am a marketing coordinator, I work from home,' I feel like the "from home" takes away any validity. Which is ironic because I think it would be MUCH MUCH MUCH easier if I actually worked in an office where my sole focus was work. Anyway, I never really feel like I am taken seriously about the whole 'yes, I work' thing-- even in my own mind, I'm kinda like 'yeah, from home, barefoot, sometimes with a baby on my lap, so not reallllllllyyyyy'. You know what? All that changed the moment we did our taxes. Because I am a contract employee, taxes are not taken out of my paycheck so we pay at the end. And holy moly, did I have no clue how much I actually worked until I saw it on paper. So people, I FOR REAL, TOTAL LEGIT, have a job that I worked 2236 hours last year, which boils down to about 43 hours a week. (p.s., I am not saying this to be holier than thou, like YEAH I HAVE A JOB- IN YO FACE!!! mostly just for my own benefit, and to also mourn the fact that we just had to pay out the rear in taxes. seriously, how important are roads and education REALLYYYY?) ((that was a total joke))

okay, so because of that job and the fact that I am raising 5 kids, my quilting time is relegated to the -when I can squeeze it in, or -when I can avoid housework or cooking part of my days. You'd be surprised (or not) how AMAZING I am at avoiding housework. I'm actually pretty proud of that.

So, here are some quilty things I've just finished up, and things I am still working on.

I have actually got a few more blocks done of this lavender and pale aqua ninja star quilt done, but I forgot to write down what size I was cutting the HSTs to, so I need to figure that out before I continue. I think this one will finish at crib/toddler size.

This one I was pretty proud of because it was the first time I had a picture of it in my head, I drew out it out, and played with measurement, and created it all by myself. It's not like it was difficult, it was just very gratifying to make an idea real. I named her the Watercolor Josi, and very appropriately, my cousin Josi took her home. --that almost sounds scandalous. leave it to me.--

And because Josi has been such a great supporter of me, I added this little rainbow basket to go along with her rainbow quilt. And then people liked it so I made a few more to add to the shop. That text print is so perfect, and unfortunately, I am all out of it. :(

So when Josi got her basket, she decided she needed another and went to purchase one from my shop. So naturally that led to me making her another rainbowy surprise. This bag. I will probably be adding a few of these linen totes to me shop soon, I just need to order more linen.

This is my mini quilt for the #rainbowminiswapR2 #rainbowminiteamred put on by @katebasti I really stepped out of my comfort zone on this because it is completely paper pieced-- a skill that is new to me. I did a little bit of outline quilting and then filled in the voids with pebble quilting-- another thing that is very very new to me. I hope my girl likes it. It was fun and challenging to make, but-- even if it is not even close to perfect- I had fun learning new things.

And lastly, this. I am trying to get her quilted today. There is something I love about simple patchwork- both classic and modern in the colors and white space. 

Okay, I better get to work before my inbox gets insane. Happy Monday, friends!

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