Friday, January 22, 2016

the one where I decide to be brave

2016 just rolled in, in case you've been sleeping and missed it. Two Thousand and SIXTEEN!! I am going to focus on all the promise and opportunity a new year offers, rather than dwelling on the fact that time is just a passing me by.

So on that sentiment, I decided to dig deep and find whatever courage I can muster and embark on something new. I haven't shared it much on here, but the past couple years I have grown to love quilting. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Putting fabrics together, stitching them into pieces to tell a story, challenging myself by learning new techniques, new patterns. I sew between working, when the kids are playing, when they have gone to bed, when I need to just busy my hands to let me head have a little downtime. It has become both passion and therapy for me. 

Here is a look at some things I made over the past year.

I have a handful of quilts that I am still working on, as well, these are just the finished ones, with the exception of that bottom one. So far, every quilt I have made has been gifted.....I have yet to keep a single one. But that the quilt in the picture above has not been bound yet, and I am thinking when I do bind it, I will be keeping it :)

Along my little quilting journey, I have felt a push to start my own little quilt shop through etsy, but I always came up with a million reasons not to do it. 1- People won't be willing to pay for a handmade quilt when Target offers little quilts for $35. 2- Do I really want to commit to something because as far as time goes, between 5 kids and full time job, free time is in very short supply. 3- What if no one buys my things? 4- Worse yet, what if someone buys a quilt and really doesn't like it?

Lots of reasons, all of them centered around some kind of fear. Well guess what? I have declared 2016 the year I throw worry into the wind and just go for it!!! (HUGE GULPS HERE). I have been making some baby and children sized quilts to add to my little shop and once I finish all the background stuff, it will be up and running. (STILL GULPING). Why is it so easy for me to see the value in others but completely be blinded to what is within myself? Each quilt will be made with love and care and attention to every little detail, and pieced together in a way meant to tell a story in their new homes, meant to be used and cuddled in and played on and maybe even passed down. So rather than focus on the reasons not to, I'm just going to center myself around all the reasons I should. I love to sew and quilt. When I see pictures of friends and family bundled in my quilts, I feel so humbled and grateful and just happy to have made something that is wrapping those I care about in love.

So, friends, here I GO!!! Taking a little (BIG) leap and finding some courage to start something new that I've been dreaming about for a while! 

hugs and kisses,
shannon, future etsy shop girl


I was brave. I did it!!!!!! I am no longer "future etsy shop girl", rather, I am "FULL ON ETSY SHOP GIRL"!!!!!! In case you want to have a peek :

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