Saturday, March 9, 2013

blurting again.

Hi guys!

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I couldn't sleep last week, so I took pictures of myself and then shared them on IG. Silly selfies are the best kind of selfies, in my opinion.

My husband came home early! Can I get a whoop whoop?

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He has to leave again soon, but I am so happy we get him back for a bit. It was only 10 days, but that was 9 days too many for me. I really like it when he's home. Really, really. And also, he got home just in time to help me cope with the craziness that was this past week.

Want to hear something funny? I am able to laugh at the irony now, so I can share it. On another night of not sleeping, I created a little list of things I asked my IG peeps to answer, to get to know more about them.

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I answered for myself, too. I shared that Blow Pops ranked up there as my favorite candy.

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So it is sort of grossly comical that a few days later I bit into a blow pop and BROKE my dang tooth. My #5 in case you're dental-curious. The dang tooth broke to the gum line, leaving the nerve exposed and causing big giant pain and a little bit of WHY GOD WHY cries.
There will be no picture of the tooth situation. You'll just have to trust me that it's super hot. I'm brining hillbilly back. Them other smilers don't know how to act. I got a gaping hole and that's a fact.....

I had some pretty good, but irregular, contractions tonight. I was sorting and folding my fabric when the first one hit and made me sit down. Then another, and Jeremiah noted the time. Then another 8 minutes later, and he got me a jug of water and told me to drink it and sit. I had a minute of nervousness. I'm just 31 weeks. The OBs I see have told me that my leg drama could cause the baby to come early, but up until Evie, my baby's don't come early. They get evicted. But for a minute, while chugging my water, I panicked. I crossed my legs and willed this baby boy to stay put. And he listened. It was like magic. Or maybe I was just a little dehydrated, I'm not really sure.

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It's almost 2am, and once again, I got woken up by some kicking. And I'm debating going downstairs to start another quilt. I have 2 quilt tops done, but they are both basic strip quilts, and I want to try my hand at something not strippy. I have pinned a lot of ideas, and have pages folded over in my favorite quilting books. I have even made a list of designs I want to make, and being that my 3 oldest have requested a quilt, I certainly don't have a shortage of people to quilt for. Also, I feel like eating gumming a clementine, and those are downstairs, too. So it's a two-birds, one-stone thing.

We live on base. I think I've mentioned that. When we first moved here, I loved that we wake up to the National Anthem and hear Colors playing at sunset. I still think it's neat, and a beautiful reminder of what it is my husband, and all the other men and women of the military past and present, are called to do. But the Colors song....I hear it all the time. Not just at sunset. It will be late at night and I think I hear it. Or early in the morning. This might be a warning sign of impending crazy. I'm just chalking it up to a phantom-kick like phenomenon.

My eyes are finally tired enough to close again. No middle-of-the-night sewing for me tonight. Night night lovelies!

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