Friday, January 28, 2022

back to soft and light

After all the rich color I have been working with lately,  I felt it was inevitable I would shift back to a lighter, softer color palette.

I had been wanting to make a quilt in these tones for a while and had been adding the fabrics to a class jar on the shelf above my sewing machine. I finally grabbed the jar and laid all the fabrics out and realized I had enough to make a throw sized quilt. So I went with the design that I make often, but this time I added a frame.

I really do love pulling linens into quilts. They add a texture, the soften up with use, and provide such a great contrast to feeling of cotton.

The black and white gingham binding is my favorite. 

Another rainy day picture, but this quilt feels like a good rainy day quilt.

here she is in full. I liked this one!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

more rich color

It's a funny thing how what I enjoy making swings like a pendulum, shifting from one side and then dramatically sliding to the opposite. 

When I picked up quilting again in the fall, I was making quilts in soft color palettes that were easy and light what I was needing. And I did that, and then felt the need to add color into my life. Rich, bold, vibrant color. So I picked up fabrics and did just that. From the bananas quilt, to my peanut butter and jelly, to this, what I think of as my sparkling riviera quilt. Bright and lively blues, against warm corals and browns. 

I saved my scraps from this one and want to make something else from them because I loved the way the colors played off each other.

I need to take better pictures of this, because it was rainy and the colors aren't reading right. But I basically cut 10.5 inch squares and where the met the inside, I added a little wonky HST, to make little wonky white stars in between the blocks.

Again with the quilt swirl. Sorry. Can't stop, won't stop.

You can see more pictures in my shop!

Monday, January 24, 2022

Peanut Butter and Jelly

 Another recent finish is a simple design that I like to make because with the right colors, I think it makes a big impact.

I used a bundle I got from Cottoneer Fabrics, and added a few things from my stash.

I quilted it lightly to let it puff some and have subtle texture on all the rich color.

I know we are not supposed to say this about the things we make, but in this case since it is due to the color I feel safe in saying - I love this one. I love these colors together. They feel both comforting and warm, rich and eye-catching. 

Tell me I am not the only one wanting to make a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich?

It is listed in my shop here!


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