Custom Quilt?

Hi there! Are you curious about a custom quilt? Wanting to know more? Then you are in the right place.

I am currently only accepting a limited number of orders for custom quilts, in one of the 2 following options. (scroll all the way to the bottom to learn how to go about a custom order request.)

Wholecloth Quilt 

A whole cloth quilt is one made using one solid piece of fabric for the front, and one solid piece for the back. It still has a layer of batting, is quilted, and bound like a traditional quilt, it just highlights one piece of fabric instead of several. In this option, the customer chooses a fabric from a few options after providing me with color and style preferences. The 2 size options for this quilt are 40 x 45 or 42 x 50. Some examples of whole cloth quilts are below.

A Modern Pieced Quilt

This quilt is made from a pieced design. The design will be at my discretion, but very very similar to the design of the quilt below. You can choose the color palette (including 1-3 different colors) for the front of the quilt, and you also get to choose if you want the back of the quilt to be a pieced backing, or a minky backing. The size is somewhat customizable, with the width being about 40 inches wide, and the length being about 50 inches long. There is wiggle room in the size, however, depending on how much I have on my plate at the moment. It will be quilted with organic wavy lines and bound in a complimentary fabric, and usually features 4 columns of fabric, each patch of fabric varying in size, and if you'd like, some featuring a different design element. You can also decide if you'd like the quilt front to include a solid white border. Examples of this type of quilt are below, so if you choose a custom patchwork quilt, you can reference which of the 4 styles you'd like from the below options.

This quilt above shows examples of the different design elements in each row, in the star block on the left, the wide triangle in the 3rd row, and the plus block at the top right.

This quilt is the same idea of 4 columns with some big blocks and smaller sized strips, and it takes on a more vintagey-feel.

Again, same 4 columns, but all the same size of fabrics, and bordered in white.

This example closely resembles the top one, and takes on a more modern feel because of how it was constructed.

If you've read this far, and are interested in a custom quilt, email me by CLICKING HERE.

By emailing me, I can let you know whether or not the schedule is full and pricing information!

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