Saturday, December 3, 2016

When one sewing machine door closes....

I feel like I have been hustling since the last week of August. Between the kids and their homework and their sports and my job and everything else, I finally feel like I can maybe sit a minute and even read a book.

This past week started with an incredible amount of stress, when my sewing machine started skipping. I tried all the normal things, several times and realized none of those things were working. So I took in to be serviced only to be told that the timing was bad. I was already completely stressed because at the time I had three people who were waiting on me to finish custom orders. But then to hear my sewing machine basically bit the dust and I couldn't sew a straight stitch anymore? Ugh.....

I decided immediately I needed a replacement machine. I could just purchase another machine that wasn't too expensive.....OORRRRR...I could bite the bullet and get the machine I  have been saving for and dreaming about right then and there. You guys?!?!?! 

I got my dream machine!!! A Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QCP. I looked at the 8900, but I really didn't need all of those fancy stitches. I use a straight stitch 90% of the time, occasionally a zig zag, and less frequently a satin stitch. I really didn't need a machine that could sew 1,000 stitches. But I did purchase the extended quilting table with my machine!

Here she is!!!

And here we are, doing our thing!

Every single time I turn her on, I do a little happy dance.

The top 5 things I already love about her:

1. TONS of throat space

2. Automatic thread cutter!!

3. Knee presser foot lift

4. The light is powerful and awesome

5. She sews like a dream. 

I feel like I am quicker, more efficient, and I have more control when I sew with her. I am so smitten! You guys, I have literally been dreaming about upgrading to this machine for over a year!! And now I get to sew with her whenever I want. I am so happy.

Here are some quilts I have been working on. 

I loved the one above. It was centered around Sarah Jane's beautiful line of fabric called Magic. You can get a bundle here!

This was made with a charm pack of white squares and Lullaby, and I love the soft and tranquil look that these colors bring!

This was made for my Quilt The Book challenge! I am doing a spectacular job---- being that this is the only quilt I have made so far :/ But I sure do love it. These colors are everything!!

This was a quilting in progress shot of something I will be sharing later. This quilt was one I designed myself, specifically to have something more original that was definitely me! I am sure there have been other quilts like this, but if so, I had never seen them. I will share about this one in another post!

I did several that were like this, and I love them. I am a sucker for big pieces that really showcase color and pattern of fabric, and I tend to think the simpler designs look cleaner, more modern, and more in line with my style. 

That center patch of fabric!!! Love it!

Another quilt I dreamed up in my head one night and got out of bed at around midnight and went downstairs to my quilting room to get it going.

This one was made Annabel Wrigley's Maribel, which is so perfectly charming!

I realized it had been a while since I made a boy quilt, and I tried to branch out from my typical aqua or navy, and included some greens.

Made around the Sommer line of fabric!

I think this style will always be my favorite. Big patchwork with some fin blocks mixed in!

This one is in my shop now. This fabric line is one of my all-time favorites!!

Heather Bailey makes BEAUTIFUL fabric! This quilt design was based on the Peaches and Cream quilt tutorial. I changed some dimensions and sashing, but it is the same idea!


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